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Stellar Corpses
Respect The Dead

Released: Apr. 30, 2009

"Respect The Dead" EP is Stellar Corpses debut EP which is now being distributed by Hairball8 Records. It features 6 of their most popular songs as well as pictures of the band and lyrics. The EP is a high quality recording full of gruesome guitars, deadly drums, psychobilly bass slapping, horror movie sound bites, and sing along gang vocals! Definately a must have for any fan of psychobilly or horror punk, however, this EP receives rave reviews from many different people with various taste in music. Track Listing: 1. Respect the Dead 2. Cemetery Man 3. Stalking After Midnight 4. Dr. Plainfield 5. Pieces of You 6. Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Stellar Corpse

Song Titles

  • Respect The Dead
  • Cemetery Man
  • Stalkin' After Midnight
  • Dr. Plainfield
  • Pieces Of You
  • Leave A Stellar Corpse