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Subwaste Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots

Label: Warbird Entertainment

Subwaste was formed in the Örebro area (Sweden) a while back by four friends that wanted to play some good 'ol punk rock. Influenced by classic '77 punk rock as well as more modern sounds the band is keeping the sound just as simple and hard-hitting as it was meant to be. The debut release "Straight Out of the Underground" was released in May 2007 by Randyarchy Media.

"Straight Out of the Underground" was recorded at Garageland Studios in Strängnäs, Sweden by Kryckan (Da Skywalkers) in december 2006. On "New Disaster" the band teamed up with Mårten (Radio Brigade, ex-Bombshell Rocks).

In November 2007 the band entered Garageland Studios once again to record six brand new tunes for the upcoming split with Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots. Warbird Entertainment based in Atlanta, GA is releasing the record as a Digipak CD on February 26, 2008. (Tracks 1-6)

Tommy Gustafsson and The Idiots started off as a side project when Da Skywalkers had some time off in 2002. During that short break Tommy Gustafsson and The Idiots managed to record six tracks that became a mini-cd, made into 100 copies. This release had gotten really nice reviews and was well liked among the few people that came in contact with it. There was never a plan to continue writing songs or even to play live.

A couple of years after Da Skywalkers had said their goodbyes the idea of picking up where TGATI left off with became closer to reality. In 2006 thirteen songs were recorded, and in early 2007 TGATI played live for the first time ever. And now Tommy Gustafsson and The Idiots are just getting started... (Tracks 7-12)

Two of Sweden's most promising punk rock outfits step to the plate with 6 brand new tracks each. For fans of One Man Army, Bombshell Rocks, and Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards.

Song Titles

  • Subwaste - Barely Eighteen
  • Subwaste - Stand, Fall & Die
  • Subwaste - Twentyfour Seven Timebomb
  • Subwaste - Final Blackout
  • Subwaste - Under My Feet
  • Subwaste - Red Lips, Red Shoes
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - Dead End Streets
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - Black Cat City Blues
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - The Bombs
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - Bring The Rope
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - Love Of My Life
  • Tommy Gustafsson & The Idiots - Sometimes Hell Is What We Need