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The Brains

Label: Stomp Records

Released: Oct 17, 2009

For the the past seven years, Montreal's psychobilly horror-punk outfit THE BRAINS, have been terrorizing unsuspecting audiences worldwide with their dastardly and mordid mix of 50's rock n' roll, country and old school punk rock. Fronted by undead latin lotherio slash axeman Rene d la Muerte, The Brains round out their unholy posse with beer-chugging, standup bass-slappin Johnny Montreal and the gravedigging, drum-pounding rhythm stylings of Franck O' Brains.

Song Titles

  • Thirty Days
  • Turn Around
  • You're Dead (Feat Sarah Sin Of The Creepshow)
  • Gone
  • Stay
  • The Darkness
  • Down
  • Yeah
  • Little Angels
  • Take Me
  • The End