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The Pharmacy

Label: Seayou Records

Released: May 14th 2010

After 7 months of touring the United States & Europe in 2008, Seattle band The Pharmacy decided to move to New Orleans to write their new album. Recorded in their house over the summer of 2009 near Bayou St. John with a 4-track, used microphone and a cheap reverb pedal the new songs are a raw and liberated departure from the more ornate and produced "Choose Yr. Own Adventure" LP. Songs like "My Business" and "Coldest Morning Light" recall influences of the Shangri-La's and the Zombies, while still retaining the energy and spontaneity of a young and hungry band.

Song Titles

  • Coldest Morning Light
  • Wait In Vayne
  • Children On Tv
  • Clockwork
  • Stoner Girl
  • Waydwyl
  • Interlude
  • Did You Ever Doubt Yourself?
  • My Business
  • On With The Show
  • Pearl
  • Strangers
  • It's Over