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Undressed Army
Hier Ist Alles Geil

Label: Rising Riot Records

Straight outta germany's coalchamber, here is the UNDRESSED ARMY with their first 7". The guys released some really fine demos in the past, but now it's time to press some army-tunes on vinyl. But what is the UNDRESSED ARMY?? Well the UNDRESSED ARMY is hardcore'fucking'punk, political, cynical, critical, no bullshit, no macho-attitudes, no hatebreed-tshirts and muscle-posing. The guys represent exactly what it takes to be an authentical and charming hardcore-punk-act. Singalongs, Circlepits and NoBayernNowhere!!!! And if you think, the ARMY is a pure fun-band, you are wrong. Of course it's fun to see them on stage and there is really a great entertainment value within the lyrics and the music. But The UNDRESSED ARMY has something to say, a value, a message, an attitude.

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