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In Defence Of Rock Vol. 2 (2Xcd)

Label: Fond Of Life

Song Titles

  • Spyglass Fairy Tale
  • Do Andro├»ds Dream Of Electric Sheep? Potemkin Revisited?
  • Defdump Lament Manifest
  • Eyston The Weight Of Words
  • Eternal Tango Outcasted From The Human Circle
  • Ganesha Des Pressions
  • Ex-Inferis Delusions Of A Derelict Mind
  • Fast Friday Desperate Perfection
  • Chamber 11 Unforgiving
  • Manifestation From Ashes
  • Closer Than Kin Dead Flowers For A Dying Lover
  • Pipedown Losing The Sum
  • Redlightsflash Past Soul
  • Rise-Up Sins For Sunday
  • Hungry Falso
  • Snitch Chasing Star
  • Thought Riot You're Gonna Die
  • Bredford Smash
  • Super Absorber So Much More
  • Phinius Gage Fire's Burning
  • The Last Millennium Suckers Disgrace
  • Mongrel From Our Last Depots
  • Code 4-15 Sunny Side Of The Street
  • Much The Same Wish
  • Redasmonkey Same Old Shelves
  • Disliked Outsiders
  • Antimaniax I'm Without Sleep In This Desert Of Concrete
  • Greedy Bees The Fat Guy's Grin
  • Kunn & The Magic Muffins Enfants De La Patrie
  • P.o. Box Death Promises Me A Better Place
  • Extinct Kill Or Be Killed
  • Nervous Chillin' Don't Feel The Same
  • The Briefs Sex Objects
  • Throw Rag Hang Up
  • Anti-Flag Mumia's Song (Live At Primsrock 2003)
  • Broken Stars One In A Million?
  • The Lawrence Arms 100 Resolutions
  • Leatherface Plastic Surgery
  • Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow Your Game
  • ...and More!