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Smash It Up!

Label: Motherbox

28 song compilation of worldwide artists cranking out post-hardcore-influenced aggro-80's punk rock with a lethal dose of rock'n'roll! Representing the United States in the aural attack include American Speedway, Superbuick, Killing California, The 29th Street Disciples, 800 Octane, The Rebel Dead, and Cheri Love Affair. Representing Europe are garage thrashers Harry Sons (Spain), the full throttle punk attack of The Gecko Brothers (Holland), cranked up rock?n?roll from The Carburetors (Norway), the fully tattooed "beer-for-breakfast" rockers V8 Wankers (Germany), and the punkrockĀ“n roll heatseeker Bad Machine (Finland). The continents of Africa (The Mochines) and Australia (Muscle Car) are also represented. For a high action fast paced punk rock?n?roll crash up derby of a good time ? put this on and turn it way way up!

Song Titles

  • 29Th Street Disciples -A Letter To Life
  • 29Th Street Disciples -Red
  • V8 Wankers -Hate People/love Cars
  • V8 Wankers -Detroit 442
  • Superbuick -The Last Time
  • Superbuick -Plastic Bomb
  • Killing California - Road Debris
  • Killing California -Thirty Nine
  • Muscle Car -Queen Of Noise
  • Muscle Car -Whore Song
  • Gecko Brothers -Rawk & Roll Monsterball
  • Gecko Brothers -One Way Ticket To Hell
  • The Rebel Dead -Johnny Sings The Blues
  • The Rebel Dead -Break Me Down
  • Mochines -Petrified
  • Mochines -The Pig Can Stay
  • 800 Octane -Deathrace
  • 800 Octane -Old People
  • American Speedway -One Foot In, One Foot Out
  • American Speedway -Ship Of Fools
  • The Carburetors -Buckle Up
  • The Carburetors -Rock 'n' Roll Forever
  • Bad Machine -Smooth Taste Of My Wreckage
  • Bad Machine -I Want Your Body
  • Harry Sons -Druck Driver
  • Harry Sons -Damn Motherfucker
  • Cheri Love Affair -Bangs And Bruises
  • Cheri Love Affair -Dick On Your Sleeve