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Vulture Culture

Label: BitzCore

This release is a must for fans of straightahead punkrock with great female vocals! Press reviews started to compare this band with ?Life But How To Live It?, ?Blitz Babies? or even the great ?Avengers?! Some of that may be correct, but in fact Vulture Culture play their own interpretation of melodic high energy punkrock. Coming out of the lovely city of Paderborn, Germany this mixed four-piece got known for their great live performance culminating in supporting the streetpunk legend ?Cock Sparrer? on their European tour 1994.

Song Titles

  • Perspiration
  • Bottom Of The League
  • Sudden Landing
  • Artificial
  • Big Events
  • Perfect Fit
  • Commercials In Between
  • Fighting With The Beast
  • Secondary
  • Damned
  • Old Man
  • Rivers of Babylon