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Witch Hunt
This Is Only The Beginning

Label: Fistolo

This is the newest and oldest CD by Philadelphia's Witch Hunt, documenting their first few years as a band. 24-tracks in all, it includes their first LP ("...As Priorities Decay"), their first self-titled 7", their split 7" with Deathbag, unreleased demo tracks and more. All remastered from the original mixes by Don Grossinger, this is a diverse feast of crust, hardcore, anarcho-punk and traditional punk rock...layered with dueling female/male vocals attacking issues of sexism, racism, reproductive rights ("Legislative Bodies Legislating Bodies"), just to name a few. Witch Hunt wield a unique sound, as well as a unique lyrical style that is both pissed off and proud, full of rage and full of hope all at once. They are not to be missed...and if you have been wanting to check them out but don't know where to start, well, this would (chrono)logically be a good place! They're not stoppin' anytime soon...

Song Titles

  • Sick Game
  • Mindless Identity
  • Sugarcoated Yet It Festers Inside
  • By A Thread
  • Priorities Decay
  • Life In A Box
  • I Am Guilty
  • Legislative Bodies Legislating Bodies
  • Access Denied
  • On My Honor
  • A War On Reality
  • Detest
  • Sugarcoated Yet It Festers Inside (Demo)
  • I Am Guilty (Demo)
  • Life In A Box (Demo)
  • Detest (Demo)
  • Conform (Radio Show - Siege Cover)
  • Fed Up
  • On My Honor
  • A War On Reality
  • Take A Stand
  • Shroud Of Silence
  • Backfire
  • Once Upon A Time...