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About Blanks
12 Boring Blasts

Label: P.Trash

Bandmembers for the LP: Jasper Hood (Black Jaspers, Shakin Nasties, Moorat Fingers), Daniel Distration (Frantic Romantics), Lotze (The Shocks), Chris Blank (The Bottrops), now with new live drummer John Boy Adonis (King Kahn & The Shrines)!!!

If this is how boredom sounds....well then let me dwell in Bore-o-Rama forever SHAKIN' my NASTIES, compulsively fidgeting with my MOORAT FINGERS in forbidden privates and blasting this record while trying not to stain Vanessa del Rio's shirt like a FRANTIC ROMANTIC. Jasper Hood and Daniel Distraction have been dauntless Knights of Kings Assi's Round Punkrock Table since the beginning of time. Together with Don Lotzo of the SHOCKS and Chris Blank of THE BOTTROPS they ride once more as THE ABOUT:BLANKS and do what they do best: Unsheate the Punkrock sword to kill the mainstream dragon with some fabulous '77 sound that oozes with sticky melodies and snotty vocals. We all grew up listening to the traditional ditties of the BUZZCOKS, THE SEX PISTOLS and COCK SPARRER and today the MODERN PETS, THE BRIEFS (and all their follow-up projects) and the ABOUT:BLANKS make sure we will always go back to blank in our heads. Let's all surrender to insanity while ''Kill your boyfriend'', ''Your pretty face is going to the jobcentre'' or ''I don't wanna be a homosapien'' fill the white space of our padded cell. The last song ''Come again'' even has some SPITS like synthie lines that are suitable for funeral play. Seriously boring shit THE ABOUT:BLANKS come up with on this record that will help you empty out your exciting life, Punk!