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Label: Alerta Antifascista Records

Released: 2009

  • LP 10,90
Repressed on 180 gram Vinyl and with a blue cover!!!! After their Demo and their Split LP with Finisterre, this is the third release by this outstanding band from M√ľnster / Germany. These four young people have played countless shows in europe the last two years and should be well known for all those into contemporary melodic HC/Crust. Definetly one of the best bands in this genre coming from germany at the moment. I expeceted a lot from their new recordings, but what they deliver here exceeded all expectations. An almost fourty minutes thunderstorm in 11 acts, paired with a voice of dispair and accompanied by blistering melodies.

Song Titles

  • Nighttime Poet Daytime Dead
  • Schalterhygiene
  • A Is for Army of Slaves
  • Rost
  • 2TE Klasse Bahnabteil
  • Amuse Yourself to Death
  • Delta Flood of Ignorance
  • The Charme of Dominating
  • From Groveling to Running in Less Than a Second
  • This Song Will Not Save Your Life
  • Outro