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Black Halos
The Violent Years

The selfnamed debut by THE BLACK HALOS and their second release "THE VIOLENT YEARS" was published by Sub Pop and will be re-released on People Like You Records finally. Just in time for their upcoming tour through Europe in spring 2007 this classics will be available again. THE BLACK HALOS are a secret tip for snotty rock from Canada, a mixture of glamy punk rock between D-GENERATION and BACKYARD BABIES. This with so much pressure filled sound is for big posing and is produced by Jack Endino (NIRVANA, MELVINS).

While everyone is waiting for the next big coup from Scandinavia by THE HELLACOPTERS or others THE BLACK HALOS became a first-class act in their genre.

Purists perhaps have to listen two times to get into the melodic hymnes. But guitar riffs, hook lines and drums set the listener under not expected hell-fire. So every fan of this kind of rock should have this releases in his collection. For those who are still sceptic the fantastic Billy Hopeless, who's timbre is that raw, saves his band a sympathic, punky streetdog-charme, that is much to dirty for mainstream.

Song Titles

  • Some Things Never Fall
  • No Tomorrow Girls
  • Jane Doe
  • Capt. Moody
  • Last Of The 1%'ers
  • Lost In The 90's
  • Underground
  • Sell-Out Love
  • 50 Bourbon Street
  • Warsaw
  • Start The Violence
  • No Class Reunion
  • Worry Doll Taken From "violent Years" Japan Edition
  • Deuce Taken From "violent Years" Japan Edition
  • Hearts & Aces Taken From "violent Years" Japan Edition
  • Radio Demo Taken From The X-Mas Cd Ep (Basement Boy Records)
  • It's All Over For You - Demo Taken From The "sell Out Love / It's All Over For You 7" (Saf