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Black Heart Procession

Label: Temporary Residence

  • 2xLP 18,90
More than just a return to numerical album titles, Six is The Black Heart Procession's first album to be written and recorded simultaneously with a new Three Mile Pilot album. As both bands now coexist for the first time ever, coconspirators Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel have steered The Black Heart Procession into a darker, more adventurous direction. Produced and recorded by the band over the past couple years, Six is without a doubt the group's most emotionally resonant album since Three. Brimming with pitch-black ballads of discarded loves and forgotten souls, the album paints a bleak yet strangely comforting portrait of heartbreak, self-destruction and religious allegory over some of their most inspired songs to date, drawing a clear line from here to soulstirring visionaries such as Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits.

The new album on double vinyl, packaged inside two full-color inner sleeves and jacket. Side D is a custom laser etching featuring exclusive artwork.

Song Titles

  • When You Finish Me
  • Wasteland
  • Witching Stone
  • Rats
  • Heaven And Hell
  • Drugs
  • All My Steps
  • Forget My Heart
  • Liar's Ink
  • Suicide
  • Back To The Underground
  • Last Chance
  • Iri Sulu