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Black Sunday Le Jonathan Reilly

Label: Tic Tac Totally

The Black Sunday side pushes forward on the trademark synth-heavy atmospheres of Alicja's former Lost Sounds material, and there's some Chrome feel to it too in its inventive spacey-ness at times. But it also makes a big place for some traditional garage trash lo-fi anthems and other thoughtful experiments. In short it's a lot going on, thankfully in harmony with itself! Just a solid series of odd, metallic and quasi-schizo writing ideas with Tronic Graveyard home production to nail it together with Alicja's brutal but sweet vocal magic.

Valencia Spain's new wave punkers, LE JONATHAN REILLY, serve a healthy new helping of their somewhat psychedelic post-punk / art rock noodling. I know, that can mean a million things. It makes sense when you hear it. A pinch of this, an atmosphere of that. They smack the space between the ear-waves and brain-waves and carve up classic sounding (in terms of instrumentation/format) post punk with production that reminds me of a band they won't let me name here. So they are new wave! Ok! Ends up familiar without being derivative, and lurkingly strange and new. On the whole, you might think "melodic new wave punk", or some other silly description for a cool band you just need to hear/check out. What am I gonna do? Write about it some more? Get it! Five more reasons LJR can deliver the goods after their acclaimed Tyrades split.

SEXY NOTES: Mastered at the Tronic Graveyard, cover art by Mattt and Alicja, cover has some bad ass metallic ink channel stuff on it. Because I love going over the fucking top...and that includes my credit limit.