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Bob Burns And The Breakups

Label: P.Trash

Released: 2006

There ain't nothing much to do in a mid-west one-horse town in the middle of the Wisconsin farmland except spitting out all your teenage frustration. While their high-school comrades go to the agricultural fair, the tractor-pull or down to the churchhouse, these three youngsters meet in stinky basements to yell an rage.
This debut full-length unleashes 12 short, fast and crunchy tunes that bring early NEW BOMB TURKS, MARKED MEN or THE HEARTATTACKS to mind. Sharp, snotty and distorted riffs a la CATHOLIC BOYS and a raspy trashcan voice give songs like "Blow Your Head", "Outta My Face", "Trash City" or "My Kicks" an authentic twist. These boys are pissed off and they mean it. A 20 minutes electroshock therapy on 45rpm that cures every frustration. Don't waste your money on psychoanalysis. It burns, burns, burns...

1st press limd. 500 black wax 11,5 Euro

Song Titles

  • Who's That Girl
  • Radio Mess
  • No Mind
  • Blow Yer Head
  • Outta My Face/Hypnotized
  • I Can't
  • Trash City II
  • Frustration
  • Jam Song
  • My Kicks
  • All The Same