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Tight Pants

Label: BitzCore

Released: 04.27.2006

Germany's hottest new rock'n'roll band BOOZED are ready to take the rocker's hearts by storm. "Tight Pants", their brand new record was released on Bitzcore on november, 18th 2005. The album contains 12 songs which are the perfect sountrack to get wild. Hardly any other band from Germany had such a authentic sound which mixes the best moments of typical High Energy Rock, old Rolling Stones, AC/DC mixed up with a good dose soul and warm hammond organ sounds. After supporting The Hellacopters successfully the people in Germany know what is coming up. But also the rest of the world should keep their eyes and ears open! BOOZED here to kick your asses and they will do! If you want or not!

Song Titles

  • Tight Pants
  • Move Up
  • Laserlight
  • Deaf Ears
  • Diana K.
  • Fire and Gasoline
  • Wild Boys
  • Sad Girls
  • Black Heart
  • Everything that I say
  • Rattlesnake Threat
  • Travel Song