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Brat Pack
Hate The Neighbours

Label: Crucial Attack

Hailing from the eastern part of The Netherlands comes a band that you would expect from the western and sunny side of California. The band started in 2006 and not long after that they recorded a demo which was well received by critics and fans. Playing festivals such as Light The Fuse/Trashfest and also attending the 5 year anniversary for shows that this band is not just a punkrock band but lots more. With ex- and current members of Beans, Antillectual, My Reply and Citizens Patrol they have a wide variety of musicians in the band and that's something you distinctly hear in their sound. Influences vary from the melodic sounds of Nofx ( take note off the melodic guitar intros), Bad Religion, No Use For A Name but with a harder edge than any of these bands using influences of hardcore bands such as RKL, Stalag 13, 7 seconds en old New York and DC hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Urban Waste. In 2007 their demo was re-released by Gummopunx/Misspelled Yuoth and Pick-up records. Not long after that they started to record a full-length album which is now ready to be released and to be played all summer.
Brat Pack delivers 13 songs of full excitement and loads of melodies which will have you dancing in no time and also set a standard for the next generation of punkrock bands to come.

Song Titles

  • Sick Burn
  • Spending Money
  • Radio
  • No Questions Asked
  • Hate The Neighbours
  • Self-Pity & Ignorance
  • Elections
  • Observation
  • Xenophobe
  • Soft Money
  • Better Off Dead
  • Shadows
  • See If We Care