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Chuck Norris Experiment

"Our ol' pal and frequent collaborator Jocke from Swede sleazedealers Rickshaw teams up here with members of fuzzmerchants Taurus and goth-metal kingpins Tiamat for a rather explosive swagger rock side-project. The name would suggest karate-chopping, Kung Foolin' action, and baby, they deliver on 8 streamlined tracks worth of 70's roller-rawk and high-steppin' arena-slabbage. Highlight o' the pack, for me, is the bitchin' "Little Demon", the perfect faded denim wearin' , van blasting honcho mustache ride, somewhere between Judas Priest and Fu Manchu, which, as we all know, is a very righteous place to be. Elsewhere, "Senorita" has a swanky stoner chug-meets-cock rock strut to it, and "Radioshadow" cops "No Fun" and turns it into a big 'ol dynamite monsterboogie superhit, and well, fuck, it's all pretty bad ass. I'm not one to tell anybody to quit their dayjobs or nothin', but this here "Experiment" is such a smashing success that they might wanna think about makin' it a full-time gig. The Chuck Norris Experience, maybe. Anyway, check this 'un out. And then go bust some boards with yr fuckin' head right after."