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Cloud Rat Republic Of Dreams

Label: React with Protest

Released: 31.08.2012

US vs. Germany on this massive split. I have to say that Cloud Rat is the best US hardcore band going - their live set should not be missed as they deliver yet another round of venomous grinding hardcore filled with palpable anger and emotion. They just keep getting better and if you haven't heard any of their stuff before, you are missing out big time. Republic of Dreams is from Germany and rip through wild bursts of emo-violence with all the swirling riffs and high end chords you'd expect from these veterans of Louise Cyphre and Resurrectionists. This is chaos done to perfection, and the dark, long samples add to the feeling of tension. This has a lyrics booklet and a cover screen printed on recycled paper.

Song Titles

  • Rod There's No Bullshitting Here
  • Rod Your Fahrenheit Is My Celsius
  • Rod An Enlightened Macho Is Still A Macho
  • Rod Franz K Is (Not) My Busdriver
  • Rod Dance Tonight, Revolution Everyday
  • Rod Shit Hits The Fan, But I'm Still Not The Asshole
  • Rod (Your) Banality Is Evil
  • Cr Burning Doe
  • Cr Parachute
  • Cr Stench Of Sage
  • Cr Keba
  • Cr Moving Mouths
  • Cr Astronomy