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Dean Dirg

Label: Prügelprinz

Released: 11.30.2006

  • LP 11,90
Lang is das her, aber jetzt gibt's echte N.E.W.S., verdammter Lutz!!! Also: Wie es so daher munkelte sollen wir ja eine neue Platte aufgenonmmen haben. Und das stimmt tatsächlich! 14 Songs - von denen uns JEDER hart schmeichelt (aber euch sicherlich einer nicht!) - sind nun auf dem Globalplayer Prügelprinz veröffentlicht. YEEEEAAAAHHHH! Kein Scheiss.
Germany's DEAN DIRG deliver 14 more blasts of punk-hardcore rippers, the longest of which clocks in at less than a minute and a half. Raw guitars, gang vocals, and furious (yet somewhat danceable) drum beats in the classic DEAN DIRG tradition. The DEAN DIRG sound generally falls somewhere between the CIRCLE JERKS and a less coked-out JAY REATARD mixed with European punks like HENRY FIATS OPEN SOAR or the BLINDS. This is a relentless onslaught of pissed-off, super-fast hardcore-punk but still catchy enough to remind of THE TOYOTAS to get those sweat-soaked booties on the dance floor from here to Tokyo and back again! A true feel-good experience!!!

Song Titles

  • Be Smart Be Quick
  • Your Choice
  • Black Cross
  • Get Back In The Trench
  • Warfare
  • Radiation Burn
  • Dean Dirg's Bored (Part Ii)
  • Nothing's Right
  • Grey White Grey
  • Machine Talk
  • I'm An S-Mine
  • Can't Tell Me
  • No Use To You
  • Dean Dirg Raus