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Deep Eynde
Bad Blood

Label: People Like You

  • CD 12,90
From Hollywood, California, THE DEEP EYNDE return with force and their latest album, BAD BLOOD, to be released this Spring 2007 on People Like You Records. In contrast to their last album, 'SHADOWLAND', the music has now shifted into higher gears,with high energy, and more catchy hooks. BAD BLOOD is fast paced, with singalong lyrics that will, without a doubt, make you run away from home, ditch school, or make you wish you had. The overall theme of the album seems to be geared toward anyone who has had a bad relationship...with BAD BLOOD. There's no romance here, just good sing along songs.

Native to Southern California, THE DEEP EYNDE has carved an incredible history within the underground scene within Los Angeles and Orange County, but thru the years have also gathered considerable speed in creating a musical library that crosses all avenues of genres of music. The band has never been known for doing just one style, and with one listen to the album, BAD BLOOD continues the legacy. On this outing, THE DEEP EYNDE goes back to their roots, conjouring up elements of 70's rock n roll, reminiscent of Damned, Ramones, Stooges, Patti Smith, & of course, The Misfits.

The album instantly catches fire with high energy songs like, 'KISS OF VIOLENCE, CASUALTY OF LOVE, DATE FROM HELL, and the incredibly sing-a-long song, 'WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU', all which are enough to give the album enoughclout to be sent right to the 'rock section' of your local record store.

It is a guarantee that once you think you got them pinned down, a song like DIVIDE THE DAY can instantly disprove that...with it's new wave style, and more emotional overtone, it stands as being one of the best songs on the album. And good news to those that have clung onto THE DEEP EYNDE since their dark beginnings. It's a given that singer, Fatal always has something dark up his sleeve on every album that can feed those bloodthirsty fans. His gothic/horrorpunk past is present again as his voice rumbles blissfully in 'UNDER THE KNIFE', which is undeniably one of the darker songs of the album.

Although the catchy side of THE DEEP EYNDE always stand in the foreground, one can't deny there is something more about the band than conventional sing-along hooks they have been known for in the past. They have established themselves an earthy edge that bleeds now from everything dark in gothic, punk and

Song Titles

  • Kiss Of Violence
  • We DonĀ“t Care About You
  • Date From Hell
  • Casuality Of Love
  • Teenage Rejected
  • Divide The Day
  • Lonely Wolves
  • The Calling
  • Christfuck
  • Under The Knife
  • Sik Of You
  • Songs For Sinners
  • Zombie Kids