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Deny Everything
Fire This Time

Label: Yo-Yo

Released: 2007-06-11

The 2nd record from Cologne's Deny Everything. 15 melodic hc/punk songs under 2 minutes. You like Kid Dynamite, Lifetime or Shook Ones? Obviously these guys like them too! Sehr gut! LP comes in colored vinyl.

Song Titles

  • Turn the t.v. off and read a book, please
  • Patriotism is so 19th century
  • If There Was A God, Wouldn't He Make People Like You Just Shut The Fuck Up?
  • Apparently, it's still just boys' fun
  • Heterosexism sucks and so do you
  • Conservative Punks fuck off
  • Surprise, surprise!
  • Get in the volvo
  • The minor threat principle
  • The dialectics of partying really hard
  • No matter where we go
  • Punk = short
  • Do you see anyone laughing?
  • A minor disagreement
  • In love with life, unpleased with the present state of things