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Die Hunns
You Rot Me

Expect the unexpected from DIE HUNNS! DIE HUNNS has evolved from straight-up, kick-face Punk Rock band into a more complex Rock'n'Roll Animal ? and their new CD - You Rot Me is destined to shake up some preconceived notions of what this band is all about.

No - one-trick pony - DIE HUNNS are a five-headed beast that growls and snarls and purrs... frequently in the same song. You Rot Me - combines a slew of Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm'Blues and Punk Rock influences from the ?60s to present date into highly memorable, hook-laden, well crafted songs with alternating female and male lead vocals and a plenty of Rock'n'Roll swagger. Not bravado - swagger. DIE HUNNS can back this shit up! The beast has sharp teeth. Think Lou Reed?s Transformer played by The Stooges and produced by Marc Bolan and then you are beginning to get the idea?

Fronted by U.S.BOMBS leader and skate legend - Duane Peters, with (former) NASHVILLE PUSSY bassist Corey Parks sharing vocal duties ? DIE HUNNS new CD, You Rot Me, was produced by Zander Schloss (The Weirdos, The Circle Jerks, Joe Strummer) and Nate Shaw (The Lizzies, The Women, The Skulls). Already legendary in the rock underground for their explosive live shows ? look for DIE HUNNS on tour in 2007!

Song Titles

  • Mad Society
  • Jorge
  • You Rot
  • Don't Want To Hear
  • Rocknroll Boulevard
  • Die For Me
  • Ain't It A Shame
  • 47Th Street
  • On My Mind
  • Night Like Tonight