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Digger & The Pussycats
Bad Reception

Label: P.Trash

Released: 2009

After a successfully touring the US of A (where they played a historic show at the GONER Festival, where the swept the other bands off the stage) and a tour through Asia, Andy and Sam from Melbourne/Australia will come back to make the German fans sweat again this spring.
To support their ''Let's go to hospital'' 2008 Tour, P.TRASH also releases ''Bad reception'', a selection of ten songs recorded live-to-air in a radio show called ''Muscle Souls'' in their hometown by Spooky Records owner Loki Lockwoood (who also recorded all of their other stuff) in September 2007. In raw and distorted, yet brilliantly recorded sound quality, the duo unleashes ''I want you'' and ''All time low'' from their Squooge 7'' ''Pussy Sandwich'', ''Motorbike'' from their first LP ''Young, tight & alright'', ''Fashion victim'', ''Sergi'' and a long, extended version of ''Thanks a lot'' from the ''Watch yr' back'' LP, as well as the new songs ''Liar, liar'', ''ASIO'', ''Oh yeah'' and ''I'm so bored with you'' from their upcoming album, in front of a small and enthusiastic crowd.
This Tour-release is limited to 400 copies and comes in a 3-color silkscreened cover, with KOZIK-style artwork done by Isabel Santana.
Don't miss them live and get your copy!

Song Titles

  • I Want You
  • Liar, Liar
  • ASIO
  • Oh Yeah
  • All Time Low
  • Fashion Victim
  • Sergi
  • Thanks A Lot