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Label: Narshardaa , Sabotage

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! DRAMAMINE is the new german "Super-group" from M√ľnster/Germany which featuring members of PRESS GANG, IDLE HANDS. DRAMANINE is loud, noisy, with a certain pop-affinity, minimalistic, but in the very next second pretentious, doomy and oozing with pathos. A heavy, deep bass; guitars, which you will find hard to classify; a krauty drumming - all this put together with resentful, hectic & melancholic vocals, which will finally leave you asking for more. DRAMAMINE doesn't sound like an intersection of PRESS GANG or IDLE HANDS, etc.. more like early SST, Touch And Go or Amphetamine Reptile Records noise bands. It's 2010, and you might think that the creative reservoir of noisy and drugged guitar music has been exhausted for a long time now: DRAMAMINE prove you wrong! LPs comes with digital MP3 download coupon.