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Riot In The Jailhouse

Label: P.Trash

While their previous 7inches showed the band's commitment to the sonic discharge of the DWARVES and ACTION SWINGERS, the three gentlemen from the North of Germany tread on an even faster and all-out path with their first full-length record The majority of the 16 songs are peppered with the rage and mean power of early 80s US-Hardcore.
Songs like ''Riot in the jailhouse'', ''Everybody's on drugs today'', ''No company'' or ''War in my head'' are jerked out fast and with a cold hand, while keeping the rock hard. Taking POISON IDEA's speedy riffing and rocking attitude mixed with a fucked-up necessity to spill out some guts, the boys meet with CAREER SUICIDE and the BRUTAL KNIGHTS in a greasy public toilet. But of course you also get some of their roots music here with songs like ''Useless'', ''I wish I was pissed'' or the new version of ''I need a drink'' in the ACTION SWINGERS/DWARVES vein and there's even a stomping MONSTERS-like Psychobilly-Trasher on board.
Packed in a full-color cardboard sleeve with artwork by Fritte, this record is like a stab wound in a cop's chest. Let the riot begin!

Song Titles

  • Riot In The Jailhouse
  • Useless
  • The Truth
  • Free Of Sin
  • The Jerk
  • Everlasting Love
  • I Need A Drink
  • No Company
  • Next One
  • War In My Head
  • The First Day
  • Car Bomb
  • Running With The Devil
  • I Wish I Was Pissed
  • Drag You Down