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Echo Is Your Love

Label: Sabotage

Released: May. 03, 2006

After 8 years, 3 albums and several tours around Europe, Finland's Echo Is Your Love are back with their finest album.
Echo Is Your Love was started in early 1998 in Helsinki by four guys who met and were introduced to each others at the first rehearsals. The guitarist's girlfriend became the singer. The intention was to practice as little as possible and to record almost everything that comes out. After some 7"s and the debut album ("Sheets of Blank Fucking Paper" 2000) the band got bored of droning the same two chords and being compared with Pardo Bond, Dead C and the likes. The band decided to start rocking.
With the 2nd album ("8 Hours" 2002) and tours around Europe Echo Is Your Love ended up playing at punk/hardcore shows to almost 100% punk crowds which made the band's music tighter and more aggressive. On the 3rd album("Paper Cut Eye" 2004) Echo Is Your Love found its own unique style of mixing hardcore aggressiveness with no-wave guitar madness, post-punk danceability with indie cuteness and pop melodies. 'Humansize' is a tight and unique mix of no-wave guitar madness, dreamy indiepop melodies, hardcore aggression and danceable post-punk rhythms. Haunting female vocals, sometimes angry, sometimes heavenly, wash over shards of guitar noise and shuddering drums, like if the girls from the B-52s were invited to sing with the one band that wants to save the world with its noise.