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Electric Eel Shock
Go Europe!

Label: BitzCore

Released: 2004-04-19

The Rock'n'Roll Monster from Japan "Electric Eel Shock" are coming up with their first European release "Go Europe!" Right now the guys are on a 40 dates tour throughout good old Europe and it would surely be good to make some use of the sensation they cause wherever they play!

Song Titles

  • Japanese Meets Chinese In U.s.a.
  • My Tiger
  • Do The Metal
  • Waaaa
  • Punctured
  • Rock 'n' Roll Can Rescue The World
  • S.o.s.
  • Suicide Rock'n'roll
  • Puma
  • Nothing
  • Vegas Night
  • Zombie Rock'n'roll
  • I Wanna Be A Black Sabbath Guy, But I Should Be A Black Bass
  • Speedy Joe