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Electric Eel Shock
Transworld Ultra Rock

Released: 10.01.2007

Explosive international rockers Electric Eel Shock are preparing to hit the UK again. New album Transworld Ultra Rock will be released on October 1 2007 through their own label Double Peace Records. Electric Eel Shock have spent much of the last year taking an un characteristic break from world touring and capitalising on their new found fame in their homeland. Refreshed and raring to go the band are ready to return with another slab of fashion proof Rock & Roll that refuses to conform to any scene.

Song Titles

  • I Can�T Hear You
  • Big Mistake
  • Dice De Try
  • Joe
  • Joe Ii
  • Kill The Weekend
  • I Want War
  • Transamerica Ultra Rock
  • Limousine
  • Baby
  • All My Music
  • Lovin� You