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Genital Hospital
Eyes Full Of Terror

Label: P.Trash

New band from Quebe / Canada. Good buddies from DEMON'S CLAWS, Brian (bassist) also involved in PRIMITIVE HANDS and plays drum at DEMON'S CLAWS. Martin Dupras ex-SCAT RAG BOOSTERS, ex-ROYAL ROUTES and ex-B-SIDES is member of the band and records the "Eyes Full Of Terror" LP. Also Stephane Pes was in SMASH UP DERBY and THE CONFUSERS!
GENITAL HOSPITAL will be rapidly related to this psych-country-garage-punk wave along with The BLACK LIPS, DEMON'S CLAWS,... but they fix also a part of belgian KIDS punk punch and melody!

Song Titles

  • When The Cops Come In
  • suzys ruby
  • Let's Ruin It
  • Eyes Full Of Terror
  • Madrid
  • Bury Me Alive
  • I'm Alive
  • They Were Lies
  • Midget
  • Don't Tell Me
  • Do You Hear Me
  • Time Killer