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Ghetto Ways
I Always Wanted You

Label: P.Trash

Released: 2009

You wanna be the Party Don? Uh, ah, alright! You'll be it with this record!
Damn, in a better world, "I Always Wanted You", the title-track of the new GHETTO WAYS record, would be played on the radio all day (and night) long! Or check out the great uptempo track "Can you feel it"! Can you feel it? I hope so! And "The Feel And The Love" perfectly fits the sexy photo of Jenna--finally on the cover! With "Big Bad Wolf" they even have a nursery rhyme on this piece of wax, GHETTO WAYS style uff course. Could there be a little innocence creeping into the sexiest band in rock n roll? Ten songs, high score! The GHETTO WAYS are moving away a little bit from their early trash-attitude, concentrating more on real catchy and soulful tunes, packed with a high level of Punkrock-energy.
This record has it all: that same stomping beat, rumbling bass, distorted rock guitar, and lots of cheering and howling. Yeehah!

Limd. to 500 copies

Song Titles

  • The Party Don
  • One Thousand Eyes
  • Not 'Cos I'm Bored
  • I Always Wanted You
  • Damn The Dawn
  • The Feel and the Love
  • Can You Feel It
  • Big Bad Wolf