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Hero Dishonest

Recorded during the winter and spring of 2010, DANGEROUS is the new full length album from Finlands Hero Dishonest. During their eleven years of existence they have put out four lp's before this one, and probably played at a club/bar/squat/punk house near you.
Like with their previous releases, DANGEROUS continues to add new elements to the bands hardcore punk based sound. This time more midtempo and melodic influences have been introduced to the bands trademark hyperspeed thrash. During the four years that the record gradually took shape(between tours, jobs, illnesses and changing diapers), the band managed to come up with their most versatile collection of songs to date.

The record also includes the Cd version of the Album....

The download version of the album contains a bonus live concert, recorded in
Vilnius, Lithuania in the fall of 2009.
Again co-released with ifsociety

Song Titles

  • Spam Me Up, Scotty
  • Fag Agenda
  • The Biggest Asshole
  • Dead Mans Sauerkraut
  • Men at a Park
  • Birth, Sports Illustrated, Death
  • Standards
  • Space Command
  • Company Bad Man
  • Finger on a Button
  • Eggs and Toast and Stars Implode
  • The Shaved Beast
  • Like a Moth to a Flame
  • Bad Days Mounting
  • Dance of the Headless Cheese Man
  • A Cult of Comfortable Everyone