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Komm Vorbei E.p.

Label: Fin Du Monde

Amazing 7 song 12"ep by Berlin based band HERPES, with a sound in between early NDW (german New Wave) and Minimal-Synth-Punk. German lyrics, as short to the point as the music itself. In terms of Berlin: Less electro-beat stereotyped and sloganeering than EGOTRONIC, and more punky and more vivid than KRYSMOPOMPAS. But after all, very much true to the early 80s style!
Featuring ex-'Surf Nazis Must Die' Singer Florian Pühs.

Song Titles

  • Komm Vorbei
  • Du Bist Kein Mann
  • Hunger
  • Gewalt
  • Wird Noch Böse Enden
  • Neue Dresdener Schule
  • Tanzen