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We Are Electric

Label: Moonlee

If you live in Europe and haven't heard of HITCH you must be living in a shithole. Come on we're talking about one of the biggest indie rock bands Europe has to offer. It's hard to believe that the energy they give off is provided by a three piece. You'll be blown away when you see all three singing, Mich pulling off crazy guitar riffs, Paul hitting the gut with the heavy bass lines and unbelievably tight drumming by Olivier. Trust me, ya'll haven't seen shit until you see Olivier kicking the shit out of them drums, as if they made out with his ladyfriend. HITCH ain't messing around. Period. It really makes no sense to compare HITCH to any band cause no matter how cheesy it may sound they really are unique. Of course you can hear some DC influence, of course you can hear some mid nineties influence but all in all HITCH is HITCH, the one and only. Their 4th full length album entitled We Are Electric! recorded in Kozmo studios (Zagreb, Croatia) is their best material so far and a genius masterpiece.

Song Titles

  • This Shallow Heart
  • Nothing To Regret
  • Get Out Of This Place
  • Question.Answer.Question
  • Last Man Standing
  • It Gets Better
  • Adjacent Living
  • Pull Your Weight
  • Radiation Winter Part II
  • Stop For A Second
  • Blood Runs Thick