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Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones
Fait Accompli

Label: P.Trash

This Wisconsin based four-piece consists of members of STRONG COME ONS, THE TEARS, THE KNOCKERS and BLUE BALLS.
With two twangy guitars, two drums, a drunk romantic heart and a love for cheap booze poetry, these guys create a groovy and noisy, yet wonderful sounding kind of garage blues that throws in some sloppy 60s riffs and also shows a preference for early New Zealand bands like THE CHILLS or THE CLEAN.
Melodic and slower tunes like "The Modern Lover's Lament" or "I Forgot My Dancing Shoes" sound like if they have been written by JACK OBLIVIAN, complete with a saxophone or a cello here and there. Then again, the two openers "Notoriety" and "Black Ghevina" will please every fan of the BLACK LIPS and more fucked up ones, like "Time Machine", remind a lot of the DEMONS CLAWS. Perfect soundtrack to get drunk and stoned to.
The classy old-style artwork is printed on the rougher side of the jacket and the record comes with a nice lyric sheet.
Watch out! HBJO will also be on Vol.2 of the KILLED BY TRASH compilation series, covering "Hydrohead" by THE EJECTORS.

Song Titles

  • notoriety
  • Auto Erotic Uh Fixation
  • Cynical Courtship Of The Seraphim Sister
  • Slanted Virgin Conversations
  • The Modern Lover's Lament
  • I Forgot My Dancing Shoes
  • Black Ghevina
  • Time Machine
  • The Lecherous One
  • That Vile Regret
  • Lady Killer
  • Tentatively Titled Why