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Finally released after a hiatus. This is the discography full-length by the short-lived HYBRIS from Bielefeld, Germany which members went on in ENFOLD, THE NOW-DENIAL, UNION OF SLEEP etc.. HYBRIS was one of the most underrated '90s german bands (always in the shadow of all those Bremen bands). They played epic, brutal, moshable and insane hardcore in the vein of URANUS, THE SWARM, ONE EYED PROPHECY. This well compiled LP contains their rare demo, a compilation track and their underrated 7". If you dig modern '90s german hardcore you should buy this immediately. Twelve tracks in total, pressing of 300.

Song Titles

  • Anatomy of the pioneers
  • burials
  • echo plain
  • grateful
  • cowboy not coward
  • Rolltreppe
  • Engineered And Build
  • to remember why
  • portraits defining
  • Authority Figure
  • The Collective Myopia
  • sediment