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Walk With Me

Label: Wasted Sounds

Released: Jun. 01, 2005

  • LP 9,90
When looking for gems in Swedish music scene this band somehow often got forgot. Icos is working in the area between Neurosis / Isis style of metal and Hardcore punk as From Ashes Rise, Acursed or His Hero is Gone without loosing the feeling of Punk. Icos is getting more and more active as a live act and has recently toured Germany and is now planning a new Germany tour for autumn 2007 and a southern European tour for spring 2008. This band should not be missed on neither live or recorded as they delivers crushing darkness from Sweden. They will release a new LP on Alerta Antifacista this fall.

Song Titles

  • Daydreaming
  • Message on a Black Wall
  • Dead End
  • Each Day
  • A New Morning
  • Fly Away
  • Walk With Me
  • Hands Too Sore