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Kamikaze Trio
Rain On Your Parade

Label: P.Trash

Behind this pumping ménage a trois are no others than DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS Sam & Andy plus bass-monster Snoop Mitchell. The mates decided to give the duo a little rest and live out their fondness for independent music throwaways like THE WIPERS or Australian drunkrock acts like THE SCIENTISTS completely. From the bar room floors of inner city Melbourne they started to create an original sound fusing rock, punk, post-punk, pop and noise into an indescribable mash of genius.
Their second longplayer is a noisy and damn melodic narcotic that sedates you with some driving drumming, fuzzy bass, a sweet and sour guitar and painful words from the bottom of life's stairs that will make you weep and holler. The 10 songs range from faster ones like "Are you going to the protest?" to slower tunes like "Hear them coming" and stoned psychedelic fuzzers like "Send me a sign". But the real meat are those driving, gracefully distorted tracks, like the fantastic "7-to-1", "I came so far to lose" and "Then I hit the ground" whose melodic guitar lines and heartfelt vocals will drive you ape, or the 6-minute tranquilizer "Long night" that will leave you nothing but speechless and paralysed with its melody and soul.
Of course, the impact and influences of THE SCIENTISTS, DINOSAUR JR. and THE WIPERS are obvious... but that barely scratches the surface of what drives this trio. You can bet your sweet arse that these guys are one of the best live tickets going around at the moment. Don't miss them on their tours. Bring your ear plugs...this one is gonna explode.

Song Titles

  • My Demons
  • Rain On Your Parade
  • Are You Going To The Protest?
  • I Came So Far To Lose
  • Long Night
  • Then I Hit The Ground
  • The Park
  • Hear Them Coming
  • Send Me A Sign
  • 7 to 1