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Kids Explode Shokei

Label: Narshardaa

Ein wildes Traktorrennen der Gefühle, ein veritables Dreamteam das sich hier formiert hat: SHOKEI aus Würzburg und KIDS EXPLODE aus Freiburg haben sich nicht nur eine Bandfreundschaft reguliert, sondern gleich die Split aus dem Flaschenboden gestanzt. Hinter Vollfarbartwork auf aufwendigem Druck (bedruckte Innenhülle inkl.!) verbirgt sich eine explosive Post-Hardcore meets Punkrock meets Noiserock-M'lange, frisch wie direkt vom Fass. SHOKEI haben wohl Unwound, Minutemen und Native Nod mit der Muttermilch aufgesogen, Komplexität trifft Genialität und Gespür für catchy Arrangements; Kids Explode 'nen Tick punkrockiger mit doppelten bis dreifachen Gesang/Geschrei und ner Note Level Plane, aber auch catchigerem Post-Punk im Abgang, Mitklatschen inklusive.
This split LP is the final result of the friendship between these two young german bands. It contains about 27 minutes of music. KIDS EXPLODE come from Freiburg and are friends of everybody I know, but still they don't suck, ha ha... They remind me a little bit of bands like Fuel, Challenger and early Transistor Transistor stuff. Very energetic, melodic and full of fun and joy. SHOKEI are from Würzburg. Three people and for sure they are inspired by the likes of Shellac, Unwound and Off Minor. It really surprised me when I listened to them the first time to hear Steve Albini isn't in the band, but no I should stop talking shit. They do not sound like any rip off or what ever at all, just groovy, tight and amazing. We are super excited to put this record out. It means so much to us. It's based on both: friendship and content.

Song Titles

  • Shokei - Heels And Cleats
  • Shokei - Qualifiying
  • Shokei - Pony Express
  • Shokei - Fish Tank
  • Shokei - Gauze, Bandages
  • Shokei - The Scenic Route
  • Kids Explode - Holy Grail
  • Kids Explode - Two Hour Flight
  • Kids Explode - For All The Lovers
  • Kids Explode - I Am Paris Hilton