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Return To Struggleville

Label: Sounds Of Subterrania

Released: Mar. 03, 2009

  • LP 22,90

Song Titles

  • Death By Shotgun
  • A Song from a Knife Salesman to His Wife on Their Wedding Day.
  • It's time for drastic measures they're not taking you seriously.
  • The Music That Angels Do
  • My Five Year Plan
  • what would you do if i'm not what i'm supposed to be, because i'm not
  • I Have Nothing but Attention When I Scream
  • Ozark Empire, or a Snake Oil Salesman Comes to Your Town
  • Your Life Will Never Dull or Your Money Back
  • When No One Else Will Be Your Friend I Will Do the Job
  • Officer You Have the Wrong Man, I Am Not That Man