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Local Oafs
Too Dumb To Reason, Too Fucked Up To Dream

Label: P.Trash

Chopping up log after log like a mad lumberjack, these wild swedish guys blast out their load of 28 short, fast, fucked up and furious Punkrock hymns in record time.
On board are Kalle and Max of the mighty MANIKINS, swinging their axes, while partners in crime Nero and Chewbacca holler and thrash you insane. On some occasions, Kalle takes over the mic and throws in some tracks that surely have become too rough for THE MANIKINS, but still keep their catchiness and shakin' rhythm.
Image HENRY FIAT'S OPEN SORE and THE MANIKINS, together with THE REGULATIONS and THE BRUTAL KNIGHTS speeding down drunk a nocturnal freeway. It's frantic, dirty, humorous and full of smutty melodies. A really raging ride!
Split release between P.Trash Rec. / Wasted Sounds and Cage Match Federation that comes with a cool collage printed on the inner sleeve. Ltd. to 500.

Song Titles

  • Tonight I Dance Tomorrow I'm Dead
  • I Really Don't Know And I Really Don't Care
  • i hate vinyls
  • run moptop run
  • P to the I ending up with a G
  • focus focus focus
  • Jag Orkar Inte Mer
  • Terry Funk (You're a punk)
  • demons to some angels to others
  • Son Of Samhall
  • undercover nothing
  • mongoloid by nature
  • black rose
  • i want myself an office
  • nature boy strut
  • local oafs entertainment
  • i wanna die alone
  • do not ever cry
  • mitt i fejjan
  • O-O-O A-A-A
  • pga dig!
  • my ass is for sale so pay up
  • mommy daddy p12
  • telling it like it is
  • You Talk To Me You Pick A Fight
  • babysitter
  • 88svensson88
  • right wing youth