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Long Tall Shorty
The Sound Of Giffer City

Label: Time For Action

LTS were formed in 1978 as one of the earliest Mod Revival band, split up in 1982 and reformed in 2000.

Now they are back with 15 new songs incl. a Re-working of their old live classic ANTI CND which has never been previously recorded by LTS. And the music is more or less the same as in the early stages - Mod Punk with powerpop and 60..s influences.

So once again they epitomized the pure Mod Revival sound with incorporate the agression of Punk and call it today Giffer!

Sleeve notes by Garry Bushell.

Song Titles

  • What a Nice Day
  • Turn It Up
  • Born to Lose
  • Ships In the Night
  • Family Tree
  • I Know What Made Marvin Gay
  • At the Weekend
  • Anti Cnd
  • Giffer City Rockers
  • I Ain't Gonna be a Mule For You
  • One Track Mind
  • Have Jaguar, Will Travel
  • Why Do Lovers?
  • Going To A Jihad
  • The Other Side