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Los Raw Gospels
La Fiesta De La Muerte

Label: P.Trash

Dios santo! Los masked and mysterious hombres from England broke out of their dark and gloomy dungeon, where they have been boiling up this hot stew of primitive and stomping cavesound, which will bring nothing but bleeding eardrums and broken turtlenecks to stages and lucha libre rings worldwide. Senoras y senores; Let's get ready to rumble:
The sound of the creepy "Black eyes", with its spooky guitar and frightening organ, accompanies the luchadores entry to this excitingly anticipated fight. A stomping, hard-riffing and fierce start after the bell with "There's no going back", which leaves the opponent stunned, followed by well-tried, MUMMIES-like acciones in "Hey guapa!" with a superb and melodic South '60s South American Teenage Punk finish in the chorus. The twisted and distorted moves in the fast and primitive stomper "Volcano woman" cause a big commotion among the audience which has to be calmed down by bikini women that shake their things to the organ-grinding instrumental "Hipshake". But here the fighters go again and finish this round by smashing up BO DIDDLEY's guitar in a big cloud of mucha distorcion in a secret aerial maneuver called "Tornadomorte".
Round two: the tag team trio proofs once more that we are dealing with "los rudos" here and NOT with "tecnicos" by starting with the furious "Beat of the traps", a sound made famous by the CRAMPS, showing the ladies their charming side with the saucy '60s garage-grinder "Nothing coming", before spitting out big pieces of raw human meat in the instrumental "Fleshless" and bringing out these MUMMIES-moves once more in "Before it dies". Yes, victory is already glowing in their eyes as they're chanting the "Batman"-style "Gangsta", but wait? comes BO DIDDLEY, risen from the grave, gets in the ring, grabs his broken guitar and thrashes up the place in a haze of rage with the final "She don't look so fine".
The fiesta is finally over and rumours start to spread that 77 copies of this record were splattered with the brave men's blood and mysteriously disappeared into the void forever.

Limd. 223 "Street" Edit. silk-screened covers

Song Titles

  • Black Eyes
  • there's no going back
  • Hey Guapa!
  • volcano woman
  • Hipshake
  • Tornadomorte
  • beat of the traps
  • nothin' coming
  • Fleshless
  • Before It Dies
  • Gangsta
  • She Don't Look So Fine