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Mad Sin
20 Years In Sin Sin (Docd / Dolp)

Label: People Like You

"20 Years In Sin Sin" is a celebration of the lifetime of musical depravity that has epitomised the career of the band. This collection spans the years since their inception back in those squat dwelling days of two decades ago and includes two CD: one Studio CD with 6 completely new Tracks and one Live CD which was recorded in Hollywood. Don´t miss this one! Vinyl comes as Double LP

Song Titles

  • Sindicate Deluxe
  • Rusty Nails
  • Pigfarm
  • 50 Miles To Nowhere
  • Lullaby
  • F.t.w. I Said One Day ...
  • Ich Kann Nicht Schlafen
  • Dirty City
  • Psyclops Carnival
  • Ride This Torpedo
  • Crack In The Box
  • Secret Plan
  • Viva Le Rock
  • Intro (Live)
  • Scarred Ol'heart (Live)
  • 1000 Eyes (Live)
  • Outta My Head (Live)
  • Nothing's Alright (Live)
  • Sell Your Souls (Live)
  • Communication Breakdown (Live)
  • Dead Moon (Live)
  • Fuel For Brains (Live)
  • Sin Is The Law (Live)
  • All This And More (Live)
  • I Shot The Sheriff (Live)
  • To Walk The Night (Live)
  • Meat Train At Midnight (Live)
  • Psychotic Night (Live)
  • I Shot The Sheriff (Multimedia Bonus)
  • Meat Train At Midnight (Multimedia Bonus)