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Label: P.Trash

Though the MANIKINS may have grown-up, they didn't feed their catchy bite to the crocodiles. On their already fourth album, the four Swedes definitely go sweeter and wear their hearts on their sleeves in a perfect blend of Punkrock and Power-Pop that still carries the typical MANIKINS guitars but gained a mouthful of smoothness and feeling.
Don't worry, the boys didn't mellow-out and you still get faster tunes like the opener "That train", the title-track "Crocodiles" or "Taste for sweets" that are so unmistakably MANIKINS. But especially the slower pieces are the real meat here. "If I see you cry" and "I want my baby dead" are full of sweet bitterness and seem to come straight from any 60's Teen-Punk compilation, the harmonic mid-tempo songs "Countless nights", "Without a word", "You're bad when you want to" and "It's not the wind you hear" remind of a more insurgent, yet in no way less sugary version of their countrymen THE LOST PATROL BAND and in the heartbreaking "Losin' streak", "Hangin' from a noose" and "She speaks perfect French" you even get BOBBY FULLER style vocal- and guitar harmonies and castanets in the fills. Brilliant! The MANIKINS dared to go step further and once more set a landmark in the little mundo punko with this new record that will shake your heart and legs!!
CD comes in digipack, LP is limited to 900 copies.

Song Titles

  • That Train
  • You're Bad When You Want To
  • Crocodiles
  • Losing Streak
  • Taste For Sweets
  • Hangin' From A Noose
  • Countless Nights
  • She Speaks Perfect French
  • Without A Word
  • I Want My Baby Dead
  • It's Not The Wind You Hear
  • If I See You Cry