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Mexican Wolfboys
For The Want Of A Home

Label: Rockstar Records

Bookers and promoters use to file the Mexican Wolfboys as “Punkrock with upright bass”, “Punkabilly” or “Psychobilly/Punkrock”. But their wild blend of Punk, Surf, Country, Blues, Soul and Rockabilly refuses to fit such narrow categories. This Rock’n’Roll melting pot might rather remind listeners of other genre breaking bands like The Clash, Against Me! or The Peacocks. And indeed the Mexican Wolfboys don’t have any formula to their song writing. They just love what they do, which is hanging out, playing music and drinking beer on park benches.
The band started out as a four-piece in early 2009 with Bene on drums, Lukas on guitar, Marc on vocals and Walid on upright bass. In late 2009 Jup joined in on rhythm guitar. With the completed line-up they played a couple of shows and recorded a demo in April 2010. Supporting various national and international Psychobilly and Punkrock bands in the following years the band grew into a roaring and howling live appearance. Around the turn of 2011 and 2012 the boys entered the studio again to record their first full-length.
The result is “For The Want Of A Home”, an album that reflects the band’s love for guitar-driven music and captures their energy as a live band, as well as their charisma and humour. Played with just the right amount of passion and pathos, these twelve sing-alongs display a punk at heart spirit and a taste for vintage Rock’n’Roll sounds. Yeah! Beer!