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Als Wir Jung Waren Ist Jetzt

Label: Kids In Misery

Released: 2008-04-30

First full length record of 4 young guys from Germany, who've played together for 5 years now. As the sentence in the record rill says this is made: "Of love".
A sound, somewhere between mid-90s emo and posthardcore.
The songwriting is dominated by strong dynamics and rhythmic breaks while the vocals shift between singing and screaming. This album is able to create an intense atmosphere while hearing it.
9 diversified Emo/Post-Hardcore songs, a beautiful film-noir-like artwork and the record is packed in a beautiful printed inner sleeve.

Song Titles

  • Als Wir Jung Waren Ist Jetzt
  • Kein Wei??t Du Noch
  • Fahrpläne
  • Das Wort Einer Kultur
  • Die Nächste Links
  • Sand Im Kopf
  • Pan Vs. Weltzeit
  • Solange Du Noch Knien Kannst
  • Farian