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Label: Sabotage

Mönster was formed two years ago people formerly active in Highscore, Born Dead Icons, Insuciety and "Costa's Cake House" who all stayed in Berlin at that time. What was originaly meant as some sort of project became a regular band which was quicky noticed by punks worldwide through their debut 12" "Death Before Disorder", out in 2005 on Sabotage Records. Fast hardcore with notable Scandinavian/Portland sound, good measure of rocking riffs and a classic straight forward hardcore feel which probably comes from the fact that most of the boys have been in hardcore/punk bands the last 10-15 years. The new Mönster record called "Arms" captures the equal urgency of debut record, but also absorbed more melodies and slower songs, which provides them this certain passionate, European flavor. Album comes in a special diecut LP cover and inner sleeve, CD comes with diecut slipcase over the jewelbox and features the mighty iffland on the drums. the record is also out on Dayafter records..

Song Titles

  • Arms
  • Personne N'cest Clandestin
  • Status Anxiety
  • The Ideoligical Restrictions Of
  • I Thought We Had Rejected Descartes
  • Everythings Falling Apart
  • How Adult Love Stories End
  • Arbeit Ist Scheisse(Keine Aber Auch)