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Moskito Spezial
Kung Fu Fighting

Label: An'na Nadel

At long last the debut album of these Berlin MartialArt Punkrockers. After a successful ep here now the first longplayer. Minimal trash-punk-rock'n'roll with German lyrics in the vein of SHOCKS and CREEKS plus the great catchy songwriting like BRIEFS and HATEPINKS. 15 straight ahead songs with a lot spirit of 77. With songs like ?Berlin Babylon?, ?Raffen raffen? or ?Bakterien?they tell in a fresh kind global and personal stories of live and raise their hand against politics and state, what not only brings fun to the band. The last song is sung in Chinese...

Song Titles

  • Berlin Babylon
  • Mystik
  • Lächelnde Menschen
  • Raffen raffen
  • Fortschritt auf reaktionär
  • Proske
  • Vorgequarkt
  • Stimmungsbild
  • Modepuppe
  • Endlich Krieg
  • Psychotheorie
  • Bakterien
  • Lymbisches System
  • Representa repressiv
  • Xiao long