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My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade / Living with ghosts

  • 2xLP 27,90

Song Titles

  • The End
  • Dead!
  • This Is How I Disappear
  • The Sharpest Lives
  • Welcome to the Black Parade
  • I Don't Love You
  • House of Wolves
  • Cancer
  • Mama
  • Sleep
  • Teenagers
  • Disenchanted
  • Famous Last Words
  • The Five of Us Are Dying (Rough Mix)
  • Kill All Your Friends (Live Demo)
  • Party at the End of the World (Live Demo)
  • Mama (Live Demo)
  • My Way Home is Through You (Live Demo)
  • Not That Kind of Girl (Live Demo)
  • House of Wolves (Version 1) [Live Demo]
  • House of Wolves, Version 2 (live demo)
  • Emily (Rough Mix)
  • Disenchanted (Live Demo)
  • All the Angels (Live Demo)